Rewriting the SEN narrative so all children can thrive.

Support, therapy, leisure and learning in the great outdoors for children and young people with SEN and additional needs.

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Here at SENstory HQ, we offer inclusive, accessible and safe provision and therapeutic services for children with additional needs and their families. 


We know that way too often, the SEN narrative is filled with red tape, barriers to access, and repetitive challenges that stand in your way. 


We’re on a mission to help rewrite that narrative.
We want to help you to nurture your child’s nature; to forge a path in the world that’s right for you and for them. 


A path that means they receive the care, therapy and happiness that they so rightly deserve. 
Welcome to SENStory HQ…we’re so happy you’re here!
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Online Resources

Choose from our series of pre recorded webinars and downloads from EHCPs, to supporting hypermobility, managing muscle tone, core stability and sensory needs our low cost webinars have everything you need to help you navigate the health and education systems.

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We know just how tough navigating NHS waiting lists and limited resources are. As a team, we believe that more is always possible. We take a fun and play based approach to physio in one of our clinic spaces in the great outdoors at SENStory HQ, or can arrange a home or school visit

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Leisure & Learning

We specialise in supporting children to access play and learning opportunities in nature and with our herd of therapy ponies. Whether you are an education setting looking for alternative access to education or a Parent of a child with barriers to attendance in school we are here to help

Nature and Equine Based Sessions

Doing incredible things relies on the help of incredible people…

No, not us, you! We’re talking about you incredible humans!
We are so grateful for every single penny that we receive here at SENStory…your donations, volunteering and support mean that we are supporting more children and their families to access the support, care and therapy that they so desperately need. 
But… to keep going with our mission, to make sure that all children with SEN can thrive, we need your help now more than we ever have before. Whatever you can spare makes the world of difference to those who need it the most.
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Hey I’m Jo. 


I’m the Founder of SENStory Group, an award-winning Consultant Physio, an inclusion trainer and consultant, and a number one best selling author. 


But more importantly than that, I’m a proud SEN mum. 

Arthur, my youngest child is Autistic ADHD with a PDA profile. My eldest diverse superstar has dysgraphia and dyscalculia.


I know what it’s like to have been passed from pillar to post, searching for progress, seeking out elusive support and that holy grail EHCP and EOTAS package. 


SENStory was set up to reduce the barriers for access to support, therapy, leisure and learning.


I want to help children and young adults, who are facing the same struggles now as my children were, to never feel like they were the exception rather than the rule. 


As a team, we want to change that broken narrative in health and education - increasing awareness and acceptance for the next generation of diverse children and young people. 


I’m so glad you're here. 


And we can’t wait to support your next steps.


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Are you an education professional?


We are so proud to work with local authorities, schools and education settings directly to support from a multi-professional approach. We specialise in supporting children with barriers to attendance with a focus on supporting emotional literacy, regulation skills and learning in nature. 


If you’d like to know more about how SENStory can support with intervention, the assessment process or barriers to access, please visit our page specifically for professionals.

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