Supporting you to navigate the health and education systems .



Offering therapy, leisure and learning through horses and nature.


Here at SENStory CIC we know first hand your journey as a SEN parent or provider isn't straightforward. That's why we've brought what you need together under one team and community; to help you navigate the system and be supported to enjoy time together.

We're here to help you rewrite your own SENStory narrative despite the challenges that stand repeatedly in your way.

As SEN Parents ourselves and as a team of providers with lived experience, many of whom are neurodiverse, we want to support you to nurture your nature. We believe it's essential you and your children forge a path that's right for you, so we offer a range of services to help get you there.
Whether you're stuck fighting for an EHCP, looking for wellbeing and therapy services, more information to support your journey, or just looking for a safe space to access support and time together;
SENStory CIC is here for it!

As a non profit organisation we are always on the look out for volunteers and sponsorship. We rely heavily on fundraising and donations to make our services accessible.

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We work with children in a truly holistic way, most often through Hippotherapy or nature and play-based activities.
Our practice is child led and supports physical and sensory needs with wellbeing at the centre of what we do.
Ideal if you are looking for support to improve your child's movement patterns, strength and development.



We are currently closed for new Physiotherapy enquiries as we recruit for new team members but have some online courses and webinars that may support you

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SENStory CIC is our not for profit organisation supporting children and young people with additional needs, their families and providers.
We have a dedicated accessible and inclusive 4 acre site with 7 therapy horses waiting to welcome you in!
Ideal for supporting social communication, emotional literacy, learning and life skills.
Our activities specialise in supporting children to find confidence and thrive with play, learning and being outdoors at the centre.
We also offer a number of drop in sessions and support for Parents and Carers too.
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As a trained public speaker, mentor and SEND consultant, I offer easy to digest and apply courses, consultancy and training. We specialise in supporting education providers and parents but also offer training and retreats for corporates and businesses.
With a variety of packages, online and in person, supporting you to map out the steps you need to create change.
Corporate and retreat services make the most of our beautiful nature based site where we offer Equine Facilitated Coaching and wellbeing training.
Keep an eye out for our seasonal retreats or contact us if you're looking or a retreat venue.
Training Services

These sessions are really for my child but I have to admit, I'm getting a fair bit of therapy myself too and they are fast becoming our favourite part of the week




Director of SENStory CIC, award winning Consultant Physio, number one best selling author and SEN Mum.

"My household is full of diversity, and experience with battles of a broken education system that didn't fit the same mould as my children.

Arthur, my youngest is Autistic ADHD with a PDA profile. I’ve been there, passed from pillar to post searching for progress, support and that holy grail EHCP and EOTAS package. I am also a home educating Mum to my eldest diverse superstar who has dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

So I understand the physical and emotional side of SEN Parenting. Most of all, I know that ‘no’ is not an option. If we accept no, we accept a narrative of failure for our children and we never change that SENStory®. Now I want to help you see that more is always possible for you and your family too.

SENStory CIC was set up to reduce the barriers for access to therapy, leisure and learning. We also have a wider mission to change that broken narrative in health and education - increasing awareness and acceptance for the next generation of diverse children and young people. I am so glad you're here. We have an amazing team ready to support your next steps"

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A self study course helping you to understand the importance of the sensory systems.
Teaches how to understand and advocate for your own needs, to best support the children and young people in your lives.
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A 5 week programme of support to help you overcome the barriers to SEN Support.
Exploring EHCPs, inclusion, gathering evidence for referrals and applications along with two live Q&As to help you navigate the health and education systems
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A self study series of workshops covering the topics any parent or professional could need:
  • Managing muscle tone
  •  Sensory toe walking
  • EHCPs and annual reviews
  • Core stability in children
  • Hypermobility
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A fresh look at how you can overcome barriers to support for Special Educational Needs. Children's Physio and SEN Mum Jo McMeechan uses her expert knowledge in neurology, child development and SEN law to empower educators and parents to achieve more despite a broken system of support.

More is always possible with the SENStory Approach.


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