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At SENStory CIC we know first hand how many forms you have to fill in and we prefer to make connections with the families we are working with from the word go.


We start your journey with an assessment call so we can find out more about what you need, match you with the right person and service and signpost you to support. 

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SENStory CIC is a provider of therapy, leisure and learning for children with additional needs. We specialise in supporting children and young people, their families and providers to rewrite the narrative experience of the SEN journey.


Our dedicated site offers 1:1 and group provision that is all based out in nature, around or with horses in a sensory friendly environment. In a nutshell we get the children outdoors and away from a sterile clinical or educational environment to reset, have fun and focus on what they CAN do. In doing so we are able to make progress through fun, effective provision that looks like play and exploring. 

Our services are lead by highly trained and qualified practitioners, are health professional lead and include:

⭐ Physio, OT and Speech therapy

⭐ Nature based play, learning and wellbeing activities

⭐ Equine facilitated therapy, learning and wellbeing activities

⭐Block (Lego) Therapy

⭐ EHCP and EOTAS provision

⭐ Parent support and wellbeing

⭐ SEN Support Cafes - a drop in morning offering support with your child’s needs, including the EHCP and annual review process

⭐ Consultancy and training for schools, carers, mentors and 1:1s or for organisations with staff who support children with additional needs

⭐ We also offer corporate and retreat days that support staff to access the great outdoors for inclusion, diversity, wellbeing, and team development sessions.

The SENStory Hub

£35 Per child

3 hour group session

Are you looking for a fun and engaging group activity for your child? Well look no further!

At SENStory HQ we offer group activity sessions on selected days each term from 10am – 1pm.  Specifically designed for children wanting to access activities in a social group setting to help them build new relationships, grow their confidence and develop their social skills. We dive into a range of nature-based activities including equine-assisted, arts and crafts, lego therapy and lots of outdoor and nature based play!

Through these play-based activities, our trained professionals will support your child to build independent thinking, social communication skills, and confidence finding their inner voice and advocate for their needs.

The main session will run from 10am – 12noon. Then until 1pm children can opt to stay to eat their packed lunches (not provided) and enjoy some free play time.

We work hard to plan the groups around the children's needs so they are well matched for the best outcomes. Parents typically stay for the session as we understand many of our young people prefer to have support from their trusted adult.

Sessions must be booked in advance for the term but we offer a one off assessment session for newcomers to ensure the fit is good for all.


SENStory 1:1 Sessions

£35 Per child

1 hour 1:1 session

If you're interested in the our sessions but feel that your child would benefit from a higher level of support, at SENStory HQ we also offer 60 minute 1:1 sessions on selected days throughout term time.

We will be dive into a range of nature-based and equine assisted activities, arts and crafts, and lots of outdoor play! We also have access to lego therapy provision that for some children can be woven into the sessions.

Through these play-based activities, our trained professionals will support your child with independent thinking, emotional literacy skills and develop their confidence to find their inner voice.

Suitable for children who with a higher level of sensory, communication or physical need who benefit from a quieter and more focused environment and 1:1 support.

The sessions are suitable for children who are non-ambulant and will access the site with a wheelchair or walking aid.

Following an initial 1:1 assessment session, if together we feel that your child would benefit from the group sessions, we can discuss the adaptations required to make that happen.




Welcome to SENStory HQ


Here's a little video about why we got started and sneak peek around our headquarters!  


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