Award winning Neuro Physiotherapist, SEN Consultant and Neurodiversity Activist, Jo McMeechan, uses her expert knowledge of neuroscience to show you exactly how to create a space in your power. Jo uses her own Know Your Processing Powers®️ approach with her clients who include next Paralympians and Pride of Britain winners to maximise their potential and stand in their diverse power.

Understanding your own innate needs is a powerful tool to self acceptance. Jo's training is particularly enlightening for Neurodiverse individuals who identify as ADHD or Autistic but there is something to be taken by everyone around the power of diversity in our brains.

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The brain is our control centre

The place where decisions are made, memories are created and stored and the place that has the power to empower. It is so powerful that not all of this is a conscious choice. In fact, some things are so innate and ingrained that they have the power to get us to react, focus, feel calm or even make us lose our sh*t. The question is do you know what makes you powerful? 


If you could create a day that maximised your ability to focus or feel calm. Imagine if you had all the information you need to increase your power and self acceptance? The answers lie within. Many of us have heard of the fight, flight response but too few people know what leads to these responses.  By maximising your personal profile for movement, noise, environment and mood we can contribute to our well being, productivity and engagement with life, work and family. It all comes down to Processing PowersⓇ - as diverse as each of our neurotypes.

That is exactly what you will learn in this 60 minute interactive workshop!  Hosted on zoom with a small group of learners, you will have the chance to ask questions and apply what you learn to your own individual situation. 


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