I understand that the fear of getting it 'wrong' is stopping you from moving forward


🧡 You know that your business sets the tine and standards when it comes to making sure there is space for everyone to feel safe, welcome and included in your organisation. 

🧡 But as much as you want to reach more people and create accessible ways of working with you, you're not sure where to start. 

🧡 You don't want to get things 'wrong' or offend anyone (that's the last thing you'd ever want to do!)

🧡 Your Inclusion and Diversity policies have been at the top of your to-do list since forever but getting them written in a way that reflects how much you care feels like it's going to take an age. 

🧡 You want to know more and do more so you can create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard and represented - this is everything to you and your team!


Let me help you take the worry out of inclusion and diversity in your business by creating a business culture that embodies it

Hello! I'm Jo...

I’m an award winning multi-business owner and number one best selling Author of ‘Equipping SEN Children for Life’. I have 15 years experience in the disability sector working as a consultant children's Physiotherapist, specialising in neurology and neurodivergence. 

I use my professional and lived experience as a queer and neurodivergent business owner and SEN parent of two children with additional needs to support businesses to rewrite the narrative around inclusion with training and consultancy. 

Simply put, I want there to be a place for everyone, and I believe it’s our responsibility as business owners to make sure that we do everything in our power to make that happen. As CEOs, Directors and Founders, we set the tone. We lead from the front. 

We can do more than just tick a box. 

Jo McMeechan xx 


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What you get...

In this masterclass, Jo will introduce you to her pillars of inclusion which are the core areas of business that you need to be targeting in order to be inclusive. We will cover: 


✨ The importance of building a culture of inclusion with your business values, missions and objectives at the centre.

✨ The importance of being able to understand from a place of human to human connection as a key driver to being able to create change and ripple effects as an inclusive business. 

✨ Your legal, social and ethical responsibilities so that you truly understand what is required of you. Minimising the risk of litigation and reputational damage and going further than that to sky rocket your reputation as an inclusive business!

✨ The difference between inclusion and accessibility so that you can confidently be aware fo the systems and processes to help you make your in person events, products and services accessible to more people. 

✨ How to become an active ally and integrate inclusion into your marketing and messaging so that everyone knows about the fabulous work you are doing to create safe and inclusive spaces, and wants to stay in your world.

✨Creating an Equality, Inclusion and Diversity policy for your business and understanding what paperwork you need in place.  



Retaining your incredible employees, associates or B2B clients will be so much easier, because you really know how to take care of those you work with.


Having a business that is built on an inclusive culture will allow you to access a higher percentage of your target market and widen your audience.


I have watched businesses I've worked with step out into the world and explode by building up a reputation as person-led business owners with their values right at the centre.

Get the Masterclass!

Click here to purchase this best selling pre-recorded Masterclass led by Jo McMeechan. Jo will explain to you why inclusion should be perceived as a culture NOT a policy. This is not a box ticking exercise!