Inclusion Training & Consultancy for Businesses and Events 


Some of the most creative, resilient and effective minds entering the UK workforce are neurodivergent or have a neurodisability.
I want to help workplaces and organisations to create a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive. 
I want this too!

Inclusion is more than a policy; it’s a culture. 
And it’s our responsibility to help you meet yours.

Hey, I’m Jo McMeechan.

And this is SENStory Consulting.


I’m an Inclusion Trainer and Consultant that specifically helps businesses and professionals just like you to:


  • Effectively support neurodivergent children and young people to be and to feel included from childhood into the workplace.

  • Maximise your potential for growth

  • Meet and surpass your ethical and legal responsibilities

  • Create a reputation for being a brand that’s safe, accessible and that cares deeply about the wellbeing of its employees, stakeholders, clients and audiences. 


I know that no two businesses are the same.


That's why I offer bespoke training and consultancy to all of my clients based around what they truly need. All starting with an in depth understanding of your business or event using our Big Inclusion Audit and a 60 minute consultancy call to kick off the inclusion planning process.


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It doesn't serve me or you to buy into something that you just don't need. 

Starting everything with an in depth audit of your business or event, I look at each of the 7 core areas of the SENStory Inclusion Framework and we road map the recommendations, priorities and an action plan for your business or event from there.

Whether you need a clear plan of action to implement with your team, want in-house accountability and support with training, or a bespoke 90 day consultation and implementation package for your business or event, there are a range of options for 1:1 work, with a starting investment of £1500.


Book Your Inclusion Audit and Review Today for £397 to Get Started!

We have to know what's working and what's not so we can do better.


I can promise you zero judgement at all times. We do better when we know better. Together we will: 

Build a simple road map for your next inclusive steps.

 ⚡Gain clarity on how and where to prioritise inclusive action taking

Create an inclusive growth plan

Discover how inclusion will form a central part of your strategy

Check you are meeting your legal and ethical responsibilities to avoid the risk of litigation

The SENStory Inclusion Framework

Together we will map out inclusion priorities for the 7 core areas of the SENStory Inclusion Framework:

⚡Your culture

Training and Knowledge

Marketing and Messaging

Systems and Processes

Policy and Paperwork


Legal and Ethical Responsibilities


Next we will put plans into action by adapting or creating an inclusion strategy for growth that will nurture an environment where everyone can thrive.

We look to the future - creating long term plans that really drive home that you are a safe and inclusive space.

Training Packages


In training packages for your teams we will look at: 

Neuro Nurturing - getting to grips with how the mind works and becoming self aware around individual strengths and challenges so we know what we’re all up against.

Nurturing your nature - understanding the resources and strategies that can support your staff, clients or attendees at their core; this is about creating a culture of inclusion that meets the needs of your people.

Creating Inclusive Cultures - Understanding your values, mission, purpose and messaging so you can create policies and procedures that support your wider vision of inclusion


We also work with some of the most incredibly talented and knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields. As such we can offer you bolt on training in LGBTQIA+, ethnicity and diversity.

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